We are your best protection against the law.

The Cook Law Firm has vigorously defended those accused of crimes for nearly 30 years. We make sure that every client is fully protected and receives personalized attention through the entire criminal process. Our keen knowledge of the law, command in the courtroom, and overall experience has led to thousands of victories, and most importantly, achieved the very best interest of all our clients.  At the very end, all our clients were placed in a better position than when we first met them.      


Our work ethic has been recognized by prosecution offices throughout Georgia. The tireless efforts invested in each case have led to our success in the courtroom by obtaining acquittals in trials.  We also take pride in our countless cases that have been dismissed or not pursued because of our thorough preparation “out-working” the prosecution.  


Whether you are involved with a serious felony, a misdemeanor, or a traffic violation, we only seek the best possible outcome. Your liberty and good name is everything, and we make sure that you preserve it.