Being accused of a crime can be a life-changing experience. 

Many prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officers will not hesitate 

to punish you to the fullest extent, regardless of your guilt or innocence. 

You are in risk of becoming at mercy to unreasonable government authorities

by being sent to jail or prison, enduring harsh probation, paying large fines,

and having your personal reputation in ruin. 


You can lose your job, and lose any chance of finding another in the future.

In those critical moments, we are a commanding law firm that will protect

your freedom, reputation, and future.

Our areas of focus:

• Drug Offenses

• Violent Crimes

• Homicide

• Sex Crimes

• Computer Pornography

• Robbery and Theft

• Fraud and Forgery

• Weapons Charges

• Property Crimes

• License Suspension Hearings

• DUI (vehicular, golf cart, pedestrian)

• Major/Minor Traffic Violations

• Family/Domestic Violence

• Stalking/Aggravated Stalking

• Probation Revocations

• Pre-Arrest Investigations/Preventions

• Expungements

• Warrant Application Hearings

• Protective/Restraining Order Hearings

• School Tribunals/Disciplinary Hearings